Looking for a serious jump team

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Hello commanders

Im looking for at solid jump team. Im lvl 48 and i might bring two lvl 47 friends if the setup is cool.

The team should be like:

1. Decent amount of jumpers, who all join the smash missions
2. Coiners/semi coiners
3. No alliance BS
4. Helping, holding, sniping, farming (Teamwork)
5. Active chat/page
6. Playing for fun - having a laugh
7. Adult behaviour
8. Active players

I play CET, would prefer people to be online same time.

Thank you

..."Unleash Hell"...
  • Chad Freeze
    Chad Freeze
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    I am a lvl 48 also with 2 alternates over 40.  Your not saying much?
  • Dusty Depue
    Dusty Depue
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    Sector 123 has 2 or 3 solid jump teams. When u jump in to 123 make sure you say something quick,  they are quick to defend sector.

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