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Does anyone use Chaplain or Breacher for anything, anywhere?

I haven't found a place to turn to them, outside of faction events when they are the only infantry possible to use. 

  • Dustin_S714
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    well, breachers seem to be better in ground combat as libs, because they destroy more of my base in gogo bar, but not sure
  • Korpin Waway
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    you ca use this unit for the upcoming event and they are good for zombies ... 
  • Jason Ensinger
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    Chaplains make quick work of zombies, but tend to take a lot of damage doing it. I've only used Chaplains in last year's zombie onslaught.

    Breachers have quick repair and are pretty durable. They can lose over a third of their health and still be repaired instantly individually. Try charging a decent base with them and they'll lose a lot more than a third of their health, though. They're lucky to even get a shot off in an attack on a base.

    In conclusion, they're really not any good. The one or two uses they do have can be accomplished just the same or better with more versatile units. Both units' ranges are just too low to accomplish much of anything. I guess Kixeye has to put out practically useless units every once in awhile to take the urgency off of upgrading immediately and give time for finishing upgrades on useful units.
  • reyismujafi
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    Does anyone use Chaplain or Breacher for anything, anywhere?

    I haven't found a place to turn to them, outside of faction events when they are the only infantry possible to use. 
    Outside zombie event, those two practically useless, since in this game seems "ranged" unit that really useful. short ranged unit only a waste land unit space and repair time.    

    Unless : (dont have to be all on the list at once)
    1. They give them more HP and more damage resistance MUCH more 
    or / and
    2. They give them much more speed and resistance
    or / and
    3. They give them badass skill or feature, such as spin skill of neil, or maybe an explosion of shock that can disable mechanical and building , etc

  • Pst007
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    In short no good sm units r **** not all r worthy like prophet is a son of elephant but no good lol

  • Robert_A194
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    I have found Breachers useful if i and building an attack toon using darkstorm and Jugggs. I will move Juggs with a caretaker forward to shoot and have DS hang back. I usually have a defensive squad to protect DS. If I have less than 100 space left after adding drakkons or sharpshooters, I will toss in a breacher since it does more damage than a spartan or lib and the other unit has to come close to the DS to fire.
  • jokaprkan
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    They suck dont even waiste time on them
  • nametagg0
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    breachers arnt bad for clearing walls for romero 
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  • drag0nsun
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    i used them for a while as a bunker unit  if someone got to careless like with a phallix the breachers would reck them another thing they are infantry killers  and they have somewhat cheap space and repairs  
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