stuck in loading sector screen

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Hi all.
Any one facing problems with game stuck in loading sector screen ?? Is it a flash player update issue
If so. Any one have the last flash update link

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    recommend doing a few things. 
    1. clear your browser cache/history/cookies  
    Link to commonly used browsers:

    2. uninstall flash
    link for flash uninstaller:

    3. download latest flash

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    If you are using Chrome, install the Kixeye Flash Game Enabler.  For more instruction on how to do this and what to do when you have it loaded click here.

    Chrome automatically updates with a new version of flash, but since Chrome now makes you enable flash each time you load the game, the Kixeye Flash Game Enabler will get you in the game.

    If this does not help, you will need to do some troubleshooting of your computer to see what is causing the game data not to load.

    Common issues that stop the game from loading 100%

    Bad or corrupt data.  - To fix this clear your browser data.
    Unwanted Programs that hijack your computer and steal or block your data flow. - To fix this get a program that detects, blocks and removes them from your computer.  I suggest Malwarebytes as a good place to start.
    Router data old - Restart your Router/Modem and you will clear this issue.
    Slow Wifi - try plugging in a Ethernet cable to your Router/Modem and connect it to your computer.   Resetting your Router/Modem sometimes fixes the issue of slow WiFi.  Having too many people share a WiFi access point when the Router/Modem does not support Multi Users can cause and issue where streaming will not work correctly.
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