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Hey commanders/ Kixeye Moderators! I have recently come back to the game after a 2 year break and was wondering if there was any way to be able to catch up on units fast.? (So I can get back to speed on game) 
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    you wait for the daily deals and spend that $$$
    or you find some friends that'll prep all the bases so you can gain the units and tech.
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    lol good luck with that. I am lvl 45 and i never catch up in this game. Kixeye just dont listen to us to slow down with upgrades and events.
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    If you're just getting started hit any of the Rogue Faction bases (like Survivors 20 to unlock a Generation 1 unit).  Some of the bases have unlock limit count before awarding workshop tech, but this will allow you to research and level up.   Once you start leveling up you can hit the "Ghost-like" blue/white bases for faction workshop components.

    For buildings focus on workshop and thorium storage's so you can produce and upgrade more powerful units than the starting infantry.

    Lastly, pick a faction:
    • Survivors - strength in number faction - For starter liberators, technicals and hammers are your must have ground units.  Bonesaw your only air unit 
    • Corpus - damage suppression faction.- For starter Spartans, phalanx and Hades are your must have ground units along with  furies for air.
    • Sentinels - high tech super-weapon faction - For starter vindicators are your main ground units, but adding Ardra, envoys and caretakers will give you strong attack capabilities. 
    Good luck Commander.

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