8.33 Patch Notes

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Greetings, Captains. Our 8.33 update is deploying Tuesday morning, August 14th. It contains support for the monthly feature event, Conqueror’s Wrath, as well as a variety of bug fixes.

Also coming this week is v4 of Battle Pirates HQ. Blitz is being enabled and blitz targets are being added to the locator. Hit Forsaken Mission and Event targets while on the go!


Begins: August 16th @ 9:00AM PDT
Ends: August 20th @ 9:00AM PDT
Store Closes: August 21st @ 9:00AM PDT

Defeat assault targets and earn event points to earn the Witch Doctor Conqueror Hull. Full briefing, including targets, payouts, event prize list, and new content breakdowns coming Tuesday!


Begins: August 16th @ 1:00PM PDT
Ends: August 20th @ 9:00AM PDT

Not quite ready for the monthly feature event? Break out those Icebreakers while the ½ repair discount is in place and earn great event level-appropriate content.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Skyfire Blueprint; 1d Skyfire Build Token x9; Large Skyfire VXP Token x2

  • [Prize Pack 2] UAV Targeting Circuitry Blueprint; 1d Skyfire Build Token x10; Large Skyfire VXP Token x2

  • [Prize Pack 3] Banded Hornet UAV Blueprint; 1d Skyfire Build Token x10; Large Skyfire VXP Token x2

  • [Mastery Pack] 20d Skyfire Build Token x1

  • [Functionality] Time to retrofit is now additive when there are more of the same hulls in the Dock inventory

  • [Functionality] Titanium Expedition can now be completed

  • [Performance] Memory leak improvement involving battle replays

  • [Visual] Adjusted Greta's Inferno Dragon appearing too large on world map

  • [Other] Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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