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my worker doesnt bring me any xp points,im a lvl 44 a think for about 3 years,all my friends are now 45 or 46 lvl and they where all lower lvls for me once. Im upgrading my platforms atm,and result after upgrade is zero xp points,any advice what to do,a cant send ticket to kixeye bcause i dont spend money on this game
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    you have to be signed in, online, and sitting inside your base right before the upgrade finishes.
    check your xp before the time expires, check it after the time expires.
    collect your resources, wait for the red save light to go dark.
    quit your game.
    log back in, check your xp, should reflect the xp from the upgrade.
    start your next upgrade.

    - repeat -
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    you get more exp in PVP's then upgrades
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