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Greetings, Captains. Our 8.32 update is deploying Tuesday morning, August 7th. It contains our new chat improvements, an increase in the PvP Free-for-all gating level, an increase to max fleet weight in the Dock, and two TLC reruns. Check out the details below!


  • [Chat] World Chat added. Find World Chat by clicking on the once-defunct International Sector Chat icon.

  • [Chat] ‘ALL’ tab added in chat. This is a live stream of all incoming chats you are receiving from World, Sector, Alliance, or Private Message. The messages are different colors depending on where they originate from. You can respond to specific channels from the ALL tab by using:

    • /g for Global/World (example: /g hello, friends in my World!)

    • /s for Sector (example: /s hello, Sector friends!)

    • /a for Alliance (example: /a hello, Alliance friends!)

    • /w [User ID] for Private Message (example: /w 5071196 hello, friend!)

      • When in the chat window, typing /r populates the ID of the last person you sent a private message to and/or received a private message from, saving you from having to re-type the ID.

    • When in the unique windows for these chats, you do not need to use these commands, however you still can if you’d like (for example, you can send a message to alliance chat from sector chat using the /a command before your message)

    • Conversely, you cannot send a message in the ALL channel without one of these commands present.

    • /help contains this list of commands if reference is needed.

    • The functionality of ignoring users, sending private messages by clicking on someone’s base, and interacting with private messages via the envelope icon and Private Message menu all retained.

    • The functionality of sending base coordinates via /base is retained, but will require channel specification if in the ALL chat.

  • [Chat] Hitting the tab key on your keyboard now switches between chat channels.

  • [Chat] Mouse wheel scrolling in chat window now supported at full screen.

Scorpion Sting Elite Campaign

Begins: August 7th @ 12:00PM PDT

Ends: August 14th @ 12:00PM PDT

Take your Manticores out for a spin and obtain their Skill Components, along with Tokens and the Nightmare Manticore Skin! 3 Mastery runs available.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Stinger Missile; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x1

  • [Pack Pack 2] Strike System V; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x2; 1d Manticore Build Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 3] Scorpion CIC; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x3; 1d Manticore Build Token x2

  • [Mastery Pack] Manticore Nightmare Skin; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x3; 1d Manticore Build Token x3

Path to the Chameleon Campaign (Co-Op!)

Begins: August 7th @ 12:00PM PDT

Ends: August 14th @ 12:00PM PDT

Tackle this campaign with a friend to earn the Chameleon, a fantastic generalist hull that is particularly useful in the Generalist Expedition cards.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Chameleon Blueprint

  • [Pack Pack 2] 3d Chameleon Build Token x1; 30k VXP Chameleon Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 3] 1d Chameleon Build Token x7; 30k VXP Chameleon Token x1; Voyager CIC

CM Notes on rules for Co-Op campaigns:

  • Only the owner of the campaign earns the prizes from the campaign.

  • There is no prize for the alternate player other than the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a friend. And isn’t that the greatest prize of all?

Forsaken Mission - New Prizes!

For this week only, we’re adding several limited time prizes to Prize Pack 5:

  • Vulture Missile II 7d Token (4 claims available)

  • Blunderbuss II 7d Token (4 claims available)

  • Highguard Warden Blueprint

  • Vulture II Blueprint (4 claims available)

  • Blunderbuss II Blueprint (4 claims available)

We are also including MC Plate III in Prize Pack 5 as a new long-term addition.

  • [PvP] Free-for-all gate increased from player level 50 to 80.

  • [Buildings] Max Fleet Weight increased in the Dock.

    • Level 1 // Old: 500 // New: 500

    • Level 2 // Old: 780 // New: 2,500

    • Level 3 // Old: 1,217 // New: 7,500

    • Level 4 // Old: 1,898 // New: 12,500

    • Level 5 // Old: 2,961 // New: 17,500

    • Level 6 // Old: 4,619 // New: 25,000

    • Level 7 // Old: 7,206 // New: 32,500

    • Level 8 // Old: 11,242 // New: 40,000

    • Level 9 // Old: 17,357 // New: 47,500

    • Level 10 // Old: 27,548 // New: 55,000

    • Level 11 // Old: 31,756 // New: 65,000

    • Level 12 // Old: 38,107 // New: 75,000

    • Level 13 // Old: 45,729 // New: 85,000

    • Level 14 // Old: 100,000 // New: 100,000

  • [Visual] UI for limited prizes not being displayed in FM prize pool.

  • [Base] Land tiles temporarily disappearing after base relocation.

  • [Base] Portal in base changes following Hardware Acceleration.

  • [Visual] Walls not appearing destroyed.

  • [Other] Additional minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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