8.29 Update Notes

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This is a big update for Battle Pirates.  We have a large performance improvement coming in the form of Hardware Acceleration, see more info below.  We have updated the FM with three new targets and new prizes.

Hardware Acceleration

  • New option to use graphics processor to load and render graphics and improve performance

  • Reduces lags in situations by reducing strain on your processor

  • Can be enabled within your settings. By default it’s turned off.

  • More info: Here (<---Click Link)

FM Update

  • Three New Targets: 120,121, 105 (Blitz)

  • New Prizes:  Inferno Dragon, RF-X Engine, Twinfire Rockets, Zynthonite Armor D5-EV, Assault Rockets L93-CT, Reinforced Ablative Armor

  • More info: Here (<---Click Link)

July VXP Weekend

  • Run Time:  7/20 at 9am PDT to 7/23 at 9am PDT

  • First chance to rank Greta’s Inferno Dragon

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Lion’s Mane Campaign

  • Run Time:  Run Time: 7/17 at Noon PDT to 7/24 at Noon PDT

  • Requirement:  Must be level 50 or Higher

  • Suggested Fleet:  Legendary Ranked Skyfire / Phoenix

  • Prizes:  Manticore, Roaring Barrel Systems, Panthera Scattergun, Savage CIC

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

  • Fix for the Scorpion Shell Aura Initial Uptime not being affected by Dark Wing CIC

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