The workings of a separatist movement

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oh no! it appears your religion has experienced a schism. not to worry though as we have the technology to teach them the errors of their              semi-believing ways. 

"The rains of castamere"-Malukah

Abbreviated history of the Sept

-Age of unity -

Genesis: introduction of Sentinels
Revelation: The commander frees a large number of sentinel captives meant to be recruited into them, among them is Kara


Operation:Rapture: Captives militarize to become "The Survivors" faction

 Righteous Ones-sentinels re-enter the sector
Brother's Wrath-Bro J is summoned to assist in Malachi's latest war efforts, Kara leaves the player to better lead the survivors

 *Corpus, Sentinels and the Survivors reach an armistice and form a defensive pact

 True Believers-a group known as "The True Believers" begins to surface to raise tensions between survivors and sentinels causing hostility on both sides

 -Uprising, The Second Sentinel Reformation- headed by the formerly heroic brother Jeremiah.
Blind Faith-
Corpus reveals that Bro J has masterminded the True Believer`s operations,
 more supporters join the True Believers

The Divide

-what started out as a small group of fanatics grows into a full schism in machinatheism,

 ?death of Brother Jeremiah?

 -Post Formation-contemporary 

 *TB uprising after Deus Ex machina

Red exodus-red revelation Red lokusts are supported by an unknown group behind the shadows [now revealed to be the true believers]

Righteous Return
[next part here]
True Believer Armaments
The True Believers are a cell of former Sentinels
giving them:

Jointed Devlopment: they access to many of the units the sentinels have developed, With their own variations mixed in (see below) identified by having red marking where the sentinel versions have orange 

true believer septs have not been seen with any version of the following:
* prophets

but be aware as the development of such weapons is not out of the realm of possibility for them.
Deacons/true believer acolytes

a Deacon is a captain for the true believer`s acolyte infantry divisions that increases the effectiveness of their combat teams, fortunatly for us they have become dependent on their leadership and become confused and scared (have the concussion effect) upon their death.

they and their squad are easily picked off by most vehicles or even other infantry 

their presence also means that any TB acolytes in the area are vulnerable to concussion (regardless of if the deacon has died or not) unlike ours


the steward is a main battle tank and is a variant of the purifier meant to act as a bunker buster type weapon (in that it has high penetration it does not apply busted.) 

their cannons have been modified to have piercing shells to better serve that role, and their chassis have been modified to increase the likelihood of their operators to survive the destruction of the tank 

however these same modifications slow the tank down allowing for light vehicles or certain types of infantry to often run laps around them then proceed to gun down the surviving tank crew as they escape the wreckage

can be kited with a speed of 4.5


the Cleric is a variant of the vindicator meant to serve as a long range harassment 

*  their cannons have been modified to target low flying aircraft 
* the shells they fire have an emp payload that scrambles the weapons systems of any vehicle it touches
*  to top it off their armor is designed to allow the driver to escape the wreck should the vehicle be destroyed in combat.

they are however vulnerable to the recent improvements to range made by the sharpshooter and envoy leaving them to be outranged 
their shells also are able to be dodged by skilled drivers and pilots of our light air and vehicles leaving them open to hit and run tactics
and though not recommended infantry are also immune to the scramble status and thus are able to keep firing even after a direct hit from a Cleric.

shells can be dodged with a speed of 4.5


the Gallant is a slower more heavily armored version of a valiant  with similar armaments (rocket pods and a machine gun)
its missiles can be dodged with a speed of 4.5

though it suffers similar weaknesses such as 

*being unable to target high altitudes
*being weak to sustain damage
*their armor being melted by plasma

The Ascendant 

Brother Jeremiah had a personal variant of herald only seen once in battle, it bolsters health similar to that of an omega herald

after loosing 25% health it begins to spawn talon drones,
after loosing 50% it spawns furies
after loosing 100% it spawns a brother Jeremiah. 

TB facilites

*Brainwashing station
*used to brainwash sentinel troops to join their cause

*used to singnal high ranking members the direction of the Regional TB HQ

reference notes for  faction units that apply concussion [note not all apply it the same way or in all scenarios]
skipjack-max-war dogs-detonators-sharpshooters
siege squadron-oren-Apollos 

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"the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
  the pessimist looks down and loses the path
  the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    Viable countermeasures: 


    Spec ops:



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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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