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i have two fleets of bucs 2 in each that i auto for BP. they hit 81's for 3% damage per target.. this has been all week and month.. but today same two fleets took 35% damage.. coined and repeated same results. what changed.. did i miss something.. and i have cannoners that auto 52 all day long.. they sank after 3 targets.. is it the damage increase for the raid? 
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    For the 52s, a change kix will never officialy say was made, and everyone else will say wasnt, causes the second rad gun to now fire right before it dies. Since its the last thing to die the fleet doesnt move and takes a full **** of radiation spew. Either way though its moot as these targets will no longer exist thereby solving the problem.
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    So you coined just to encounter the same problem again? Gee, it's hard to see why Kix implements all these "mistakes" and doesn't see any reason to fix them.........

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