Returning player here.

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My first question is: Why i own a purple battleship dread when i dont even own a rare thing? I played 2-3 years ago and now its very complicated.
What happened to auto farm fleets? I readed that it dont work anymore. How am i supposed to farm when every fleet needs a few hours for repair?

  • Gary P
    Gary P
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    Taking time away from this game puts you so far behind to the point why bother unless throw coins at Kixeye. Try to catch up by grinding, forget it.

  • Hella Wicked
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    Grind baby grind

  • Coelus
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    Sorry but youre not alone :/ The game developer wants you to pay money to catch up, and its not cheap. If you want quicker repairs and build/fitting times, etc, you need to shell out a lot. There is a “vip” system that rewards players for the more money they spend, but the top rank, VIP10, costs like $12,000 USD minimum

  • FreeMann2018
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    RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY is my only suggestion

    use your time and money in something more productive
    image"Don´t bite the hand that feeds you" should be the motto of any legal company
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