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kixeye make some bases to earn all trophee like you did on the 4the of july would be verry interesting for me and alot of other players 

(and for negative peeps keep your thought for yourself im just suggesting something )
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  • Perry299
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    Trophy quit meaning anything when they allowed trophy integrity to be compromised....

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  • Axel L
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    In my opinion, I can only partly agree on your suggestion as trophies play a huge role in the game as a bragging tool. I can only accept your suggestion as long as none of the older trophies returns as that would just devalue the effort some players spend into unlocking the trophy.
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    I believe the recent 4th of July trophy first came about when Kixeye stopped awarding for Onslaught.  Everyone complained and Kixeye trolled the game with 'average is good' everyone gets a trophy.
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