The load time for a HZ 40 medal base is getting out of hand.

Master Tactician
Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 2,278
It takes 27 seconds on the average for the HZ 40 base to load from the first time I click on the view button to pushing attack till I can deploy a missile or units. This has not been a issue a month ago but lately its getting worse even the Verakraft 50s are getting bad again lately. I have tried different browsers and different sites and facebook gameroom as well on different browsers. 

    Unicorn Overlord
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 4,422
    This is consitent with a lot of bases on the map,not only do we have to put up with the grind we also get to wait what seems like an eternity for a base to load.Very frustrating i say.
    What has happened to this once great game.
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