If it works leave it alone...

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I have fully ranked Hydra fleet able to do 103 Scourage targets few minutes damage decent driving. Now with new 103 targets I'm back to grinding with hours of damage in few targets.If you introduce new challenging targets then fine, pay out more in base parts or what ever ,but Leave the old stuff that works alone. Eventually when my dock is free enough I will update my fleets enough to do new targets and challenges and hopefully get more of a payout from what ever target I hit. But leave the stuff that works alone Kixeye. 
  • Carlo DeNauw
    Carlo DeNauw
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    I'm more concerned about why the Hydra fleet autos the 103 far, far better than the Bucc fleet does. 32 min on auto by a hydra fleet. 2 hours 46 min damage on the Bucc fleet. That's jacked up.

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