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cant even log onto game with out getting SOS message , what the hell have y'all done screwed up again

  • Cpt_Clueless
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    Same here keep getting SOS.

  • SIF
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    Error while trying to load on Facebook.

    Game loads from Kix site though.

    For people that don't know, the actual error messages always appear in the red box, not the top one. The top box with the "S.O.S." is just a list of common problems.

  • BobK
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    I had the same problem. Cleared the browser data, logged back into Facebook and I got back in.
  • Captain-KEY
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    same here sos, text that I must have the game open in 2 places, or an issue with my internet. neither of which are the case.

    I will try later today to clean my cache out as sometimes that works, BUT it should not be needed.
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  • BradW1961
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    It appears to be fixed. Two my accounts on different computers can both now login via FB and did not clear cache (as that was already done 15 minutes ago when I first encountered problem). 
  • CM Major_Rampage
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    Sorry we had about a five minute hiccup with the servers earlier today.
    If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
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