can not claim mission bonus

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reload, refresh, cleared everxthing - nothing works!!
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    It happened to me as well, I just hit 3 more bases and then it allowed for me to collect rewards (I also reloaded the game).
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    Ronny_E76 said:
    reload, refresh, cleared everxthing - nothing works!!
    I thought all these issues were fixed after the [8.21 patch] but I was wrong. it's still happening as much as before.

    There's also another issue I want to complain about, which is one of the Unit Hunt missions:

    as you see from the image, the mission requires killing 100 Hercules, but the only ones the register as kills are the Hercules Commanders!!! which are not available on the map except for 2 in the ViperX base and a few more in the Elite Legion base. Good luck finding those. lol
    For 1 million Thor, I'm sure it's meant for Elite Hercules (not commanders)
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