War Commander Metas and Eras divided by units

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Hello commanders, I've been playing this game ever since War hawk event and now realize that the game has come very far. I'm trying to reminiscence about each meta and what units where the ones involved in it. I'm having trouble after FAVs came out. Does anyone know what metas came after FAVs up till SF era?

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    I'm sure there was many more, but I'll list some of the ones I remember off the top of my head and their counters (feel free to correct me):
    The FAV spam meta used a lot back then and was more devastating and lag-inducing than the Phalanx we have today. and it was ended by releasing  the Enforcer and the Elite Rifleman. 

    Elite Mega Tank & ERM: Mega-Riflemen combo was one of the popular tactics to flatten bases back in the day of Mortars & MGs, and the release of their Elite status made that combo even deadlier in attacks and more effective in defense vs uniques and FAVs.

    Valkyrie spam meta: suiciding micro-healed Valks on turrets and Watchtowers. was ended by a CPU tech for snipers that suppresses suicide dives.

    Spectre meta
     : AKA the one unit to rule them all. No base was safe from that unit, but it was ended by Stingers and custom Valks.

    Crusader meta:
    another monstrous unit that could flatten any base on its own.. used a lot back then, especially by coiners.. I think it was ended by KIX releasing powerful tech for Megas (not sure though)

    Havoc-E.Hellstorm metausing the shield-sword tactic to pick bases apart. I think it was ended by KIX releasing veteran levels on Stingers and Flak tanks.

    Elite Hover Tank meta:
    spiral in around the base while firing a continuous stream of Hellfire missiles at walls and turrets. was ended by the red tanks like Scorchers and Torches, then SF.

    Titan meta: this is one of the few units that's not limited to a single era. it has its own meta when first released, then again when it got the Elite upgrade, and is still useful and relevant with its Omega upgrade to this day. KIX tried to kill the Titan and the whole idea of drone shield by releasing the Viral turret that no one ever asked for.

    Elite Vanquisher meta
    : spread them out and spam any base with RUBI on. was ended by ION damage that can penetrate and deplete shields, and by KIX intentionally leaving the inactive-shield bug in the game without attempting to fix.

    WingXBanshee meta:
     was a very popular brute-force attack. and a lot of players were still using those even after the SF days.  

    Javelin-Ronin meta:
    mostly used in defense and was very powerful!. Ended by newer generations of SF that replaced the Ronin.

    These were older than the FAV but they're worth mentioning: 
    Hellfire-Hellstorm: this was probably one of the best eras in the game. it required high levels of strategic thinking, calculating range, choosing the right angles, and using multi-baits\meat-shields.

    Wingdrones meta: there was a time when this was popular among low-med levels. basically you just spam the base\Thor deposit with a large group of drones then head back to base and repair them in pairs or one by one, it was like a plague! and KIX had to put an end to that by changing the rules of air platoon repairs. after that, players were no longer able to heal air units individually or control the queue of repairs. 
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    hahaha, oh man, I almost forgot about the wingdrone spam .... was like 'zerging' in the old starcraft game .... I used to use that back then, was fun too
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    Thunderbolt and end attack meta-this forced Kix to put in an end attack delay.

    Raptor and end attack meta-same issue by Kix ended this

    Mortar baiting with attack dogs/buggies-long range direct fire turrets ended this
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    ERazorback / Ehellstorm
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    Legion duplication attacks, Hellstrom and hellfires, 

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    Elite mega tanks ......... pew pew pew pew

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    if i had to go by eras it would be 

     classic era  hardly any new units that broke the game 

    hell fire era that added extra planing to attacks and the idea of range ( witch had a come back with the hell storm era ) 

    the eilte era when older units was given the eilte upgrade the 2 top units was ERMs where you was able to cheaply spam them and micro heal the king of infentry for the longest time until the valks came out  and the eilte mega tank the top tank until the vanq came out  these 2 are the most classic and the hardest to replace for a long time  

    the  Valkyrie  era where people spamed  valks for everything with the move and shoot tech and the bomber tech with micro heals  lasted the longest with how well the unit was easy to use but ended when a new sniper tech came out and better units could last though its attacks 

     the unqie era where units like the spacter and the titan rained this ended when  the CC turret came out as well as the R silo and drone silo 

    the banshee era where  if you was skilled and lucky you gained the wing drones that was spamed along with the titan  dont know when this was ending but it lasted for a while like the valk rush 

    the Vanquisher era where this ground unit lasted a few months until  the new upgraded napalm turret game out  where its shields was made useless  there was some monir counters comeing out for it before the naplam upgrade but those was costly and could be planed for but the real killer was the SF era where everything could get around the sheilds  

    the hover tank era a unit where it gave noobs like my self was able to do good  unit to spam and use alot   even vets loved this unit it did it all moved and shoot and it was anti air and anti ground  and it got around mines  this ended when the SF and naplam came out 

    the roin era this units  time was short but it was king of base defense for a while when put into a well defended base  

    the SF era where infantry  was on top once again given good tech able to take down bases and defend bases with ease  but this ended when the howler came out along with jerico and denna with better range and damage and better repair deals 

    the expert hero unit and rare tech era where units like jerico  denna along with the howler and dante was given a heavy bost with health and damage and if you gave them the Rare tech you was able to take down most bases and i do mean most player  event  even thor and reso bases every video had these guys even today they are still used in bases but their era ended when the faction era came to be and their tech became harder to get but they are still useful to some people  and if you can get them and the R tech you can also use these old units to out wit alot of bases 

    the faction era this is the one we live in now and seeing the end of  soon  where 3 factions was fighting it out with air ground and shadow ops units and where the omegas shined the most where we go from here is up to kixeye  
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