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So i have a question about bases being reset.... When a player ask you to help put their base back to how it was. And i know y'all can cause y'all have done it with mine. How the heck is it fair for a player. That has worked for 3-4 years on a base and was a lvl 123 and y'all **** reset the base back to a lvl 1 and take all the blueprints away from them???? Just how is that fair for them??? I thought kix would help with the problems not **** make it worse. Are y'all really that greedy? Just take someones stuff they work their **** off for and coin for and y'all just take it away? How in the world hat fair to your players? Instead of making problems fix the problems and your game mates.!?!?!?! Do y'all really just love taking players bases away and throwing it all away cause if you do thats **** up.

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    sounds like he used a hack if so bad luck p.s im sure they dont kill bases for no reason
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    Did the --player-- request a reset to his base or was the reset forced on him for some reason?

    I can understand a player being bored and wanting to start over, but how is it fair to the other players for a level 1 base to have all those high-level blueprints?

    Not that this game is about fairness to other players, I was speaking hypothetically. 

    If it was a forced reset, perhaps due to some pretty blatant rule breaking, why would he expect to be only partially reset? 

    Depends on the circumstances of the reset, but it would seem like reset means reset, don't know why you wouldn't expect blueprints to be reset to. Pretty much an all or nothing sort of thing. 

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    can u help me guys  i was reset to level 1,,i was  90 then,,my FB got deactivated and why was  my BP affected?
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