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sLeePyBear 6400
sLeePyBear 6400
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Any chance we make use of the Arms Lab for end gamers to craft weapons instead of waiting on our workshop crafting mks.. it sits there idle :(
  • ironspam
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    edited 10 Jul 2018, 1:15PM
    Yeah, the Ship Lab and Tech Lab are similarly idle for many end-game players, cannon fodder for base defense.

    The Arms Lab request falls into the same category as the much sought after holy grail, the ship refit base module.  By making a parallel queue for separate processes that otherwise would be handled in serial, it would be a great benefit to players, but not necessarily Kixeye.
  • Darkseth1
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    this modules bring colors to our base and i use them often to link the miners to asteroides lol
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