8.28 Update Notes

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It’s the second week of July and that means it’s time for the July Event.  Greta has called in for reinforcements as the combined forces of Forsaken and Scourge have been a greater threat than they anticipated.  This is your first chance to earn Greta’s Inferno Dragon, the flagship that will empower your Forsaken Mission Fleet.

July Event - Supremacy

  • Runtime: July 12th at 9am to July 16th at 9am

  • Destroy Draconian Mega Convoys to earn event points

  • Top Prize:  Greta’s Inferno Dragon (flagship), Zynthonite Armor D6-CO, Zynthonite D6-M, Missile Defense System III, Hyper 30 Installation, Shielded Circuitry, Phlogiston Launcher II, Zynth Reinforcements D5-R, Radioactive Isotopes.

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

  • Ship stats are now scrollable in the Ship Construction Complete menu

  • Monoliths should path correctly in upper tier FM targets

  • Weapon Range, Weapon Reload and HP have been added to Drone Stats UI Hover menu

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