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Those of us that have been player for a while remember the days when there were resource mines on the map and sending fleets to mine those resources was an interesting, if minor, part of game play. 

There's no need to bring them back for the ordinary MEZO resources, but it's a good concept and could possibly add something to the game beyond the same old shoot 'm up, the same old rodeo....

Create a Mining module that can be equipped to Mega Ships. The mining module would be specialized, one for Uranium, one for Titanium. 

Uranium and Titanium mines would appear on the World Map, but the mining could only be done my Mega Ships equipped with the correct mining module. 

The mining modules would have a limited capacity for how much of the resource they could store. 

The mining modules would come in versions, just like most specials. Each version upgrade would provide more storage capacity and provide an efficient boost to the mining process.

For example,
Level 1 Titanium Module - capacity of 5,000, 0% to mining efficency
Level 2 Titanium Module - capacity of 10,000, 5% to mining efficiency

Just to keep things tactically interesting, resource in megaShip would not automatically be transferred to the players base. You would have to use a regular fleet to transport them from the megaShip to the base. Which means a special to allow transport of U or Ti would have to be created and fitted to hulls. That part sorta sux, since it'd mean creating yet another specialty ship, but it is in keeping with how the rest of the game works. 

If an enemy player successfully defeats a Mining megaShip, half the collected resources would be claimed by the winner. The winning megaShip would be allowed to exceed normal capacity to 500%, just like in base attacks. 

Gives a purpose to those otherwise useless hulks drifting aimlessly in the harsh waters of dying world. 

Add this to the other awesome suggestions I've made about megaShips and they really start to get interesting. 

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