Mega Ship Defenders

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Just like bases can have a Defender fleet, why not allow MegaShips to have a Defender fleet attached to it?

Would make combat more tactically complex.

If a MegaShip has a defender fleet attached, the ship image on the World Map would be different, to indicate the presence of that Defender. 

Normally, a megaShip can only be attacked by another MegaShip, but if there is a defender fleet attached, then a normal fleet can attack it. 

The combat map would be the MegaShip plus the Defender. Very much like the Mega Mayhem daily campaign. 

I don't know if a regular fleet, even a top-level Conq fleet would be able to defeat a well-equpped megaShip plus a defender fleet, but it would be interesting to see how it plays out. 

This obviously creates difficult scenarios -- I could have my buddy attack with his fleet, to whittle away at the Defender fleet and the MegaShip; when he's done, I can then swoop in with my megaShip and finish him off. 

But we have that tactic with bases already, it's routine to have a buddy prep a base. (or it used to be -- don't see it much anymore). 

MegaShips have become a dead-end and simply throwing bigger tech at them isn't the answer. Enhancing the rules for how megaShip combat is conducted and the capabilities of megaShips seems to be a much more fruitful avenue.

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