Mega Ship Dry Dock Module

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Not really a Dry Dock, just for Repair.

What I propose is to create a module to be fitted to a megaShip that would allow a player's fleet to be repaired by the megaShip. 

The ship would be considered to be docked next to the megaShip, so the fleet that was being repaired would not be visible from the world map. 

Repairs at a megaShip would not be as comprehensive as those available at the real dry dock at the player's base, so these limitations would apply:

  • Only ships that are less than 50% damaged can be repaired via the megaShip Repair Module. If the damage is greater than 50%, the ship would have to return to base for repair.
  • Repair at the megaShip isn't as efficient as at the base, so the repair time takes longer -- I'd suggest twice as long -- so repair speed would be 200% normal. Any resources needed for the repairs would also be double cost. 

If you're using your megaShip as a mobile hub to conduct raids in remote sectors, being able to do simple repairs is a big support to the raid.

Additionally -- since the ships being repaired at the megaShip are assumed to have light damage and are assumed to still be seaworthy (and capable of combat) if an enemy player attacks the megaShip, the fleet under repair would be able to participate in the defence.

Since the specs call for ships being repaired at the megaShip to not being visible on the World map this is obviously a sneaky way to hide a defender inside the megaShip. Sneaky, but a good tactic. 

Once a ship finishes its repair at the megaShip, it would be returned to the World Map. So being sneaky and hiding a repairing ship to help in the defence means that only damaged fleets would be hidden, so it gets to be something of a trade-off. 

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