Mega Ship Relays

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Mega Ships are sort of a joke, an idea that fizzled. There seems to be some new tech coming down the pike, but as long as they're nothing but combat-oriented, they're a dead end. 

Since megaShips are these immense bastions of a player's power, why not make them into more of a mini-base, a mobile hub of operations?

What I propose is to create a module that can be fitted to a megaShip that would allow it to act as a mobile relay tower for a player's fleets. 

Imagine a player wanted to wreak havoc in a distant sector -- coordinating the movement of several fleets using the existing relay towers is clumsy and risky. Once I start hitting bases in the target sector, any other fleets I have positioned there become vulnerable. 

Instead, I would like to move my megaShip to a quite corner of that sector and use the relay module to transport my ships from inside my base to the waters adjacent to my megaShip. That would mean I wouldn't have to leave ships floating around on the world map where they could be attacked. 

Imagine a scenario where I'm using a gunboat to peek at possible targets and deciding which of my fleets would be best to use against it. 

In the current system, after my peek, there is a several minute delay while I go back into my base, launch the fleet, wait for it to do relay travel and then, finally, conduct the attack. 

In the proposed system, after my peek, I go to my megaShip, select the fleet and it instantly transports, where I can quickly follow-up the peek with an attack. 

The megaShip becomes a mobile hub of chaos and destruction, because it would allow me to quickly move the fleets I need to the combat zone. 

It gets better if a couple of players are working together -- one could be concentrating on hitting bases, the other could be peeking and providing defensive cover. 

A relay teleport module that can be fitted to a megaShip provides a lot of enhancement and capability to players conducting raids in distant sectors. 

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