Remove the $50 account requirement for tech support

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When I go to report a bug I see this.

This, this is just plain retarded. You want me to spend $50 so that I can help you fix some bugs in your game!? I could just ignore the bugs and go on with my day but when I take the time out and devote it to reporting some bugs you expect me to pay!?! I understand that you need money, this is a free to play game after all, and if you did let anyone report bugs, you'd get flooded with reports, but that's whats its mean't for! People who submit bug reports and requests are like free game testers in their own right! The community doesn't want your game to be bad, But when you make us pay money for wanting to make your game better, you don't leave us with many choices. This is one of the only mmo rts games on the entire market, we don't wanna lose it so let us help you!
  • menwar
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    my attack log not work
  • TomBrooklyn
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    Agreed it is silly to require a minimum gold buy to report bugs. 

    As for tech support, would like to see small gold purchases that aggregate to $50 counted. 

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