Make Raptor high altitude!

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I know you probably see these make legacy units great again threads ever other minute, but I have a specific proposition. Make some of the air units, Specifically make the Raptors high altitude, it makes use of a wasted feature that only got used once on the herald and throws the raptors back into the meta, plus it just doesn't make any sense for some random rifleman with an m4 to be able to shoot a hi speed f-22 out of the sky. Add some OP weapons as tech and you got yourself a great glass cannon! Easily countered, easily made and easily effective. Shorten down production time and repair time to make it worth the while! I'll also be commenting any other suggestions I come up with on this thread for a while and would love some other contributions, but don't just say something like make paladin good again, give a way for it to work.
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