Downtime and Release Notes 2018.7.8

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VEGA Conflict is undergoing downtime at 8PM PDT on July 8th, 2018. The downtime is expected to last for 2 hours.

 Release Notes

Greetings, all. The Marauders continue relentlessly to build Ships and Tech, introducing the ‘Kingpin’ Battleship. Featuring the Void Neutrino Munition that combines Shield bypass and Weapon speed. New Targets are emerging to conquer, see below for more details on what's to come out of the Void.

Additional changes in this release are listed below:

  • [Encounter] New Champion Targets have been spotted! These new targets are scarce, I would suggest tracking them down quickly. These Enemy Targets consists of Altairian Cutters, Cruisers, Destroyers and a powerful Altairian Champion. This target will consist of three waves of enemies, each getting progressively harder. Do you qualify as a Champion?

  • [Encounter] Altairian Outriders consist of a single wave of Corvettes, Cruisers, Destroyers, and a Carrier. Direct FvF battle, Outriders will charge in and no questions will be asked. Prepare for all out aggression and don’t flinch, or the Outriders will mow you down like fresh cut grass on a sunday morning.

  • [Tech] Axis weapons can now be fitted onto Xeno Division hulls.

  • [Ship] The Kingpin Battleship comes from the Altairian fleet of Paragon Battleships while adapting to Marauder technologies, preserving the Barrage Overdrive technology it holds.

  • [Tech] Void Neutrino Munition combines the offensive benefits of the Neutrino Fusion, and Palladium Munition with Marauder technology(Shield Bypass + Speed).

  • [Tech] Void Sai Missiles designed for piercing multiple targets, with widespread detonations on each hit. Tech is available in levels I, II, III, & IV.

  • New Base Upgrades:

    • [Tech] Tungsten Plate will be available and provides improved defense against sieging fleets. Tech will be available in levels I - IV.

      • Level III = EX/EN/KI

      • Level IV = ENAL/EXAL/KIAL

    • [Tech] The Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret utilizes enhanced Energy and Alien charges to maintain its chaining impact and have an increased chaining range.  Tech will be available in levels I, II, & III.

  • [Ship] ….We don't know where this ship came from. Is it one of ours? <END TRANSMISSION>

  • Only the cost of the campaign repair will now show up within the campaign UI

  • Black Market Store will grey out once all built modules are upgraded.

  • Fixed an issue where players who were not in an Alliance were able to wrap into the Unstable Sector with the Prophet Jumpship.

  • Resistance circles Icons within the refit/upgrade screen now correctly display void resistance.

  • Carrier’s Support field’s range indicator deactivated once the Carrier is destroyed.  

  • Blitz Altairian Fortresses now correctly regenerate HP after a failed attack.

  • iPhone X graphical issues addressed.

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