Let Subs Be Subs

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Subs should be able to operate under the water and avoid all surface obstacles. That is what they're designed for, y'know?

It seems the game designers pretty much have a Hate-Hate relationship with subs -- they know that a water combat game will require them, but they've never been able to figure out how to design them to integrate into the game without breaking things. 

Look at the surface effects we see in the game -- 

  • Oil Spills that affect steering (one of the dumbest things ever - ships don't skid on pavement like cars do.)
  • Radioactive puddles that burn ships entering them
  • Frozen patches of water
  • Yellow noxious fumes that slow ships down because the sailors are busy throwing-up
  • Stun Fields

All of these make sense (sort of, if you're not very bright) for surface ships, but make no sense at all for ships traveling underneath them. 

So let subs ignore these surface hazards. Would that affect game play?

In almost all the scenarios I can think of, the surface hazards wouldn't change the overall strategy of the scenario. In some of the Scourge scenarios, the yellow gas clouds are used as substitutes for walls or land -- IMNSHO, if subs could travel under those it wouldn't affect the combat very much. 

The point is that game play options are steadily being taken away from us. We're being pushed into cookie cutter builds, where you must have a fleet from a very narrow range of choices if you're to have any chance of defeating the target. Why play a paint-by-numbers combat game? Boring. 

Allow subs to act like subs introduces a new set of tactical options to players. It gives us choices in how to approach targets. 

Think about all the scenarios that use the various surface hazards as an element of the combat. Allows subs to avoid them makes things interesting again. And it doesn't upset the balance of things, since subs have built-in weakness to balance their underwater utility (all except Fangs -- subs that periodically have to surface make for challenging driving -- actually putting some fun back into the game!) (although "Fun" doesn't seem to be a design goal for most of the new stuff that's being released....)

It's a naval warfare game, let's move in the direction of fully utilizing the tactical differences between unit types. Once size does not fit all. 

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