Villariel Sidney
Villariel Sidney
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you should banned them kix
fair please kixeye
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    Is full fair , new rule : you can get bubble only after 10 mins from pop.

  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    This scenario happens due to the introduction of a 10 min damage protection cooldown timer which causes a player to be unable to get a damage protection within 10 minutes of losing the damage protection from starting a PvP attack.

    In this instance, the first player attacked your base which was 80% damaged at that point and ended the attack. Then, the other player attacked your base and destroyed it withing 1 minute of when the last attack ended which caused your base to be destroyed to 100%.
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  • rumpskin
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    For me, the 10 min protection timer worked against me but when I attacked the bubble provided immediate protection even though the flattening took less than a minute.Was this change reversed?
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