Sniping: A Likely Revenue Loss and a Potential Solution

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We know and you know THEY know, that Kixeye are losing players/revenue to SNIPERs. Some might argue that they make money off of sniping, but I'll bet it isn't nearly as much as they are losing when a player quits because they can't now pay for the ever increasing repairs required to just do basic chores because their chore fleet was sniped.
Kixeye. You set a precedent when you decided to stifle players creativity and ingenuity, by dictating what hulls could hit what kinds of targets (PvP and PvE). Now is the time to take that a step further by making chore fleets off-limits to PvP.  

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    This has been going on for as long as I have been playing. I learned long ago not to leave my fleets out, before all the classing of ships came about. Sniping chore fleets isn't why players are leaving, it's many more things than I care to list here. That said, do I like having my chore fleets sunk, no. But when I do leave a fleet out and it's sunk, I repair. Then I sink EVERY chore fleet I can find from that alli and PM them why their chore fleet was sunk. I don't think making chore fleets off limits is the answer.
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    Just because it's a bad situation doesn't mean we shouldn't express our opinions, via the obfuscating filter of the forums, to the game designers. 

    If we start from the premise that this is a PvP game, then sniping chore fleets makes no sense. 

    Back in the early days of the game, when we had resource mines on the map, it was considered rude and unacceptable to hit mining fleets. In the good, strong sectors, ones where the players were a community and worked together (pre-Alliance days) any player that hit miners was heavily targeted by all the players in that sector. Most got the message and stopped. 

    What has gone wrong is that chore activities have gotten harder and require more effort, more fleets. Getting resources from mines was convenient, but you could get the same resources by hitting salvage fleets; mines were slower but easier, salvage fleets used to be difficult. 

    By getting resources from salvage fleets, you didn't leave fleets exposed on the world map and could protect yourself that way. Getting resources now is much more complicated (for the majority of players) and there is much more fleet exposure. 

    The big shift is that bases now mostly auto-repair and it's simple for the sniper to coin his dock or simply keep his sniping fleet on the world map. Auto-Repair didn't exist back then -- by using that, even though his base and dock have been cratered, he can keep sniping until he gets bored. 

    Back in the day, hitting someone's base caused them to lose a lot of build, research, and repair time, so hitting a sniper's base was an effective deterrent. Now, with instant base repair, it's merely a minor inconvenience and he can use the bubble time to continue his builds while playing gangsta to other players. 

    There is no PvP balance to sniping. The sniper can pick 'n' choose his targets and never has to put himself at risk. That's a massive imbalance in PvP design and a massive failure on the part of the game designers. Again, pointing back to the golden age of the game, the differences between fleets was not as severe as it was then. It was fairly easy to make sure the mining fleet had a couple of capable fleet fighters in them. Now non-Conq hulls are overwhelming outmatched by Conq hulls, particularly Gluts.

    Good PvP must have balance, there has to at least be the possibility that both players stand an equal chance. Who would sign-up for a PvP competition know that your opponent will have a bigger, stronger fleet than you have?

    And even if I  wanted to add a couple of hulls to my chore fleet so I could fight a sniper -- fleets with Conq hulls can't do chores. The flawed game design cripples even that approach. 

    It's a broken design element, it has no easy answer (Except maybe limit Fleet PvP to Conq hulls only) -- just because it's always been that way doesn't mean it has to stay that way or that we have to bend over and take it. Everything else in the game has changed, this should too. 
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