8.27 Update Notes

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It’s the first week in July, which is Independence Day in the United States, and we have some awesome deals and skins that are available to help you celebrate.  We also have a new Rapid Assault Campaign for the new Manticore limited weapons, and the return of the Hydra’s Hollow Campaign for those who need to earn Hydra or build tokens.  After a long wait, the new siege targets have been released, and will run alongside the existing targets for a few weeks.

Rapid Assault Campaign

  • Runtime:  7/3 at Noon PDT to 7/10 at Noon PDT

  • Use Assault hulls to get limited Manticore weapons

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Hydra’s Hollow Campaign

  • Runtime:  7/3 at Noon PDT to 7/10 at Noon PDT

  • Use Skirmish fleets to earn the Hydra Siege Cruiser

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Fourth of July Sale

  • In game ship discounts and new ship skins

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Titanium Cost Reductions

  • New formula for calculating the Titanium cost in the Conquest Yard

  • Titanium cost for a fully equipped ship no longer exceeds  max capacity of Titanium storage

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Siege Target Transition

  • Legion Colony Targets will spawn along side Scourge Defense Grid targets until July 23

  • Use this time to adapt to these new targets

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Update to Daily Deals

  • Starting at Midnight on July 4th

  • New Items being added to Daily Deals

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Changes to the RF-X Engine

  • Reduced from Total Weight +40% to Total Weight +32%

  • Tokens for Portal weapons should now work without issue.
  • Proto-Centurion fleets will not incorrectly trigger maximum weight checks in combat.
  • The suggested loadout in the FM will now always default to the selected hull.
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