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i would like to suggest maybe kixeye could come up with a way of trading tokens so lower players have a chance to advance a bit quicker ,,i have tokens i can,t use and maybe so do other players we could exchange or trade or even sell ..what do other players think?
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    As most of us know many high levels have full tokens for many ships e.g zelos, monolith, citadel, and others which they have no use for while the lower levels need these tokens to catch up more easily.
    I propose that Kixeye add a new Trade Tokens feature to the Trading Post where people can trade Build or VXP tokens either on a "World Marketplace" for a price of their choice (in resources not gold) or for other tokens, or extend a private offer to another player either in their alliance or outside. This would both help the high levels get rid of things they don't need, and Kixeye, it would most probably help you earn more money as at least some of the low levels who didn't coin before or not as much will start coining more to repair their fleets/upgrade buildings/etc. Please lend your support so mods will look at this and pass it up to be implemented. Thanks.

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    good idea but kix wont do it
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    once you allow token trading, you open the doors to all sorts of hacking. 

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    I know its not just me.. but every camp is worth tokens to me.. i have everything they put in there.. i know lower players dont and i get it .. but dam i dont need or have built most the tokens offered.. so the camps are useless to me.. how about a little content we dont have or better yet a way to trade the abundance of tokens we have but will never use. if i could trade them for one day ANY ship build at a 2 to 1 rate i would 
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    Personally I could care less for PVP / Base crap, I stop the reavers, rest I dont care who hits me, repair and come back later. As for hitting others, for me, again pointless. Dropped tag years ago. Only get hit once a month or more so ally points not needed and res comes in droves without even trying.And with no protocents other one is lost to me too. No biggie, gives me time for weekly again. A litle irritated with kix about the gretas in FM... spent 50 coin getting it in raid, now its out for free.....Like the idea of token trading though, I have 40 days of cit's, 30 of puns, 45 of tides, 35 sky, 5 manti, a few conqeroer ones, some phoenix, icebreaker, mono, etc.... over 400 build tokens total, and 100+ VXP ones too.... just wasting away. Would be nice to trade em in.
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    Moving thread to the future features and feedback forums.
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    Thats a good i deal about giving the old build tokens we have to lower players it would keep them in the game longer and this game mite have a future with new players coming in and staying. i would love to clear out my old build token i have and give them to someone that could use them like 75 day build on punisher and monolith i have so much I forget i have them and then forget to use them 
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