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Greetings Rebels!

The development and community teams have paired up and volunteered yours truly to give you an insight to what's coming up for Vega Conflict!

First I'd like to acknowledge some of the louder feedback that we've been getting regarding the difficulties of reaching the Altairian tier content. Due to its base requirements, and its time commitment involved. We recognize and understand that because of this, some players were unable to progress as easily while events and content continued to move forward. This is something we see as very important to you, and to us as well. So we're going to be putting in some effort to help in this area in July.

So for the July event, Ashes, we will feature a variety of targets and a rich prize list that will make it much easier to reach and use Altairian tech.

Throughout July look for opportunities to smash your way into these powerful Altairian hulls -- including special limited time events, campaigns, and more.

Looking beyond to August, you will see signs of another entity entering the field in response to the Altairian presence and we will begin to show you more about the next faction. It will host a new spin on game play with new mechanics. Our goal is to introduce an alternative faction without power escalation so that the current tier can retain usability and value for a longer period, but offer a fresh angle of strategy and content. The new faction features a new defensive design to replace shields, and encourage an aggressive playstyle that rewards the bold.

Use these coming opportunities to attain and deploy Altairian ships in July, and prepare for the coming fight with the new faction in August.

See you in the Void,
Vega Conflict Design Team

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