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Nucking Futs
Nucking Futs
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Change infamy to alliance based only, individual infamy no longer exists.

Set amounts of infamy given regardless of base levels

Attacking rules:
  • Empty base is 3 infamy
  • Base with less than 2999 (space) of units in base is 100 for a 3 star, 75 for a 2 star, and 25 for a 1 star
  • Base with 3000+ of units in a base is 200 for a 3 star, 125 for a 2 star, and 75 for a 1 star
Defending Rules:
  • If your attacker gets a 1 star you gain 100 infamy, 2 star is 75 infamy, 3 star is 0 

Once you gain the infamy it can't be lost.  You only gain infamy from attacking and no infamy lost from the defender.

Have the alliance infamy leader-board set up with tier A, B, C like it is today.  

  • Tier A is alliances with 150-200 members
  • Tier B is alliances with 100-149 members
  • Tier C is for alliances with 99 or less members
  •     (Alliance member count is locked at the start of the season, you can't move tiers during the season)
Within each tier set up payouts based on say top 100, 101-200, 201-500, 501-1000, 1000+
  • Payouts can be medals, blood thorium, gold around base, etc

The alliance infamy is re-set to zero every two months (PvP Season).

Attacks involving same tag gains zero infamy.
  • Make it a 7 day waiting period to get a tag after you leave/drop one.

These changes would do away with ring of fire, 69'ing, holding bases, etc.

It would also force teamwork and reward alliances who work well together.

Minor details could always be tweaked as always but I think doing away with individual infamy would be a good idea. 

  • Blackheart319483
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    I like most of your idea.
    Beside the one with not losing infamy, i like to see enemies lose infamy, but yet again it would restore a great deal in the pvp area when it comes to low level players and high level player bases. Low level dont got much chance to keep their infamy when high levels easy can smash them, so maybe its a good idea in the end.

  • AJ62
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    I like the idea, maybe tweaking  infamy payout but very good
  • chinapig
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     I like the infamy can only be gained, not lost idea, and it's not the first post I've said that. You see that is the key to the problem, the fact that infamy needs to be protected is what is destroying ( pvp aspect of ) the game.
    You identified an area where this could be exploited, I'm assuming why your idea includes tag restrictions, and no infamy from same tag.
    However, that would still be easy to exploit. It is easy enough to have alts with different tag for example. So it would be bad idea to patch an already flawed system. Better to scrap it altogether and come up with something simple instead ;) or at the very least, something which can not be worked around ( direct as opposed to indirect counter ) .
    Making players wait a week for tag will be a massive hinderance to a lot of people and I can not see how we would benefit from it.
    I'm thinking more along the lines of you don't get points from the same base more than once a week. ( Simple, direct solution )
    But one thing I must say is the idea that only alliances may gain infamy, not solo players is nonsense. No reason why we can't all have an equal bite of the cherry. I don't see why I should have to be sociable to gain an infamy score :)

  • JNewbie
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    Maybe make this information about alliance infamy hidden and just pay them kixeye infamy the base never shows infamy or losses infamy, game use to be fun this major infamy loss to player is bad and 10 minutes timer is pathetic to  see bases lose 500 infamy to us cause he got hit so many times poor guy was sad about loss and I think he only gained 48 in 10 minutes so this is issue it not just allainces losing major infamy enemy is doing it as well, we have some frenemy we call them respectful  player who play game but enemy for a long time .
  • ShotgunBilly
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    Some great ideas Nuck! Something obviously needs a change. A MAJOR CHANGE! PvP in this game flat out sucks! There's no nice way to say it. It's mainly because of infamy. Combine that along with free jumps...PvP is a dead stick. There is basically no fun aspect of the game from a PvP standpoint. 

    Come on Kix. Read into your community for once! More of us would be able to tolerate "The Grind" a bit better if we actually had a fun war game to play. 
  • Whiskey-Tango3
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    just get rid of infamy all together. be a lot more fun

  • Anez M
    Anez M
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    i agree with most of your ideas and i think it would completely change the way we fight in pvp and it would eliminate the need for 69s so we would all have more fun in game plus i absolutely love the idea of gaining from defending your base well, now with the strong units and many players willing to lose a lot of units just to flatten one base makes defending a base very tricky and i think tougher than flattening one, so great idea, hope kixeye will at least think about it and make some changes to the way pvp works now.if you look at the leader board it is obvious that many players there are just simply infamy banks 
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    3 infamy for empty base????  I'll never load my base again then!  LOL  Nobody will!   
  • Fredric_P
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    I totally agree, skip infamy all together and base weekly medal payout on number of destroyed bases instead.
  • Strong_Thinker
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    @WrongThinker u dumb **** get ur head out ur **** and read fackinnuts post and hello @CM_Burny
     pls forward this post to kixeye team
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  • Incredible_Hulk
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    not bad in principle but unfairly favors large alliances some clans are very small and some guys like to go solo...
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