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I am really frustrated with the infamy thing not working to produce accurate statistics.  I watch all day a clan in my sector drop their tag to attack fellow clan mates.  The only thing they have to do is drop their tag attack and then get their tag back.  I really think that there needs to be a wait time once you drop your tag so this prevents these people from being able to bubble themselves with another clan member.  I can post pics of this happening all day in our sector just because they dont want to lose infamy.  There should be a wait time or some way to not allow you to attack for a certain time after you drop you tag.  This in my opinion is a way for the cowards in my sector to continue to rise on the infamy board but most do not even know how to attack a real player. For those of us that play the game and take a bubble honestly this is not fair and they just gain an advantage with blood thor that they do not earn or deserve.
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