8.26 Turrets of Terror

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Turrets of Terror

  • Run Time:  6/26 at Noon PDT to 7/3 at Noon PDT

  • Recommended Fleets: Garrison:  Legendary Ranked Icebreakers

  • Prizes:

    • Prize Pack #1: 1 x Glacial Launcher Turret, 1 x Radium Reserves

    • Prize Pack #2: 2 x Epic Cataclysm Mortar, 1 x Fuel Tank OI-X, 6 x 10 Day Epic Cataclysm Mortar Build Tokens

    • Prize Pack #3: Adder Strike Turret x 1, Sulfide Deployer, 5 x 4 Day Adder Strike Turret Build Tokens, 2 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens

    • Prize Pack #4:  Omega Pyro Rockets, 2 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens

  • Note:  There is not an increase to how many of these limited turrets you can own

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