8.26 Update Notes

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This week base hitting reigns supreme.  Maximize your base defense with limited turrets in the Turrets of Terror campaign.  Then earn Ifrit the hot new tier 7 Conqueror hull in Bounty season 11!

Bounty 11

  • Run Time Wednesday 6/27 at 10AM PDT to 7/2 at 10AM PDT

  • Additional Payouts for defeating player bases

  • Locator Update

  • Prizes:  New Ifrit T7 Radioactive Hull,  Wildfire Thrower, Radioactive Ignition, Javelin II

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Turrets of Terror

  • Run Time:  6/26 at Noon PDT to 7/3 at Noon PDT

  • Suggested Fleet:  Legendary Ranked Icebreakers

  • Prizes:  Glacial Launcher Turret, Radium Reserves, Epic Cataclysm Mortar x 2 , Fuel Tank OI-X, 6 x 10 Day Epic Cataclysm Mortar Build Tokens, Adder Strike Turret, Sulfide Deployer, 5 x 4 Day Adder Strike Turret build tokens, 2 x 1 day structure build tokens, Omega Pyro Rockets (New Omega Weapon), 2 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Lion’s Mane Campaign

  • Run Time:  6/26 at Noon PDT to 7/3 at Noon PDT

  • Requirement:  Must be level 50 or Higher

  • Suggested Fleet:  Legendary Ranked Skyfire / Phoenix

  • Prizes:  Manticore, Roaring Barrel Systems, Panthera Scattergun, Savage CIC

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Turn the Tides Campaign

  • Run Time: 6/26 at Noon PDT to 7/3 at Noon PDT

  • Use Skirmish Fleets to Earn Proto-Tideseeker, the best Skirmish ship for the Sub Sector Resource Base.

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Here)

  • Fixed Error with Overdamage

  • Fixed error that refitting a ship that had been in a defense slot would cause an SOS.

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