Hard to say, bad improvements!

indonesia one
indonesia one
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Heyy , i dont know how to tell you anymore! Like i said before, ussualy i can easily attack event Muerte lvl 55 but now i cant easily attack that base !! What you have done with that base layeout?? ?!! You put peace mortar and another deff buildings that makes me hard to finish it! Now i only play with lv 35 in muerte! And very very very wasting time! You want my money to buy all i need?? I'm not a coiner player ! I can buy what you offer to me but not like this!! There is no fun anymore! Some people can buy but not all player have enough money to buy!! This is very very sukcs! You just think money money and money.. ! Think about who loved this game and how much time they spent every day!!! SUCKS

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