8.25 Downtime & Release Notes

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The following Changes & Fixes are being applied in the Thursday, June 21st update.

  • [Shadow Ops] The final chapter of Cult of Brutality begins soon. Win Prophet Parts, and tons of silver and gold Tech for the Sharpshooter, Envoy, and Sphinx

  • [Raid Update] Phalanx, Seeker, and Detonator Diamond Tech are now available

  • [Turrets] New Turret levels are now available

    • Machine Gun: Levels 9-10

    • Mortar: Levels 9-10

    • Hellfire: Levels 9-10

    • Flak: Level 10

    • Laser: Levels 9-10

    • Rocket Barrage: Levels 9-10

    • AA Plasma: Level 10

    • Ion: Levels 9-10

    • AA Ion: Levels 9-10

    • Flame Cannon: Levels 9-10

    • Microwave: Levels 9-10

    • Plasma Cannon: Level 10

  • Adjusted standard Santiago’s Attack Range from 500 to 550

  • Fixed an issue where the Onyx Wall hitboxes were not lined up properly

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to upgrade new Hero units without having Training Tokens would result in a redbox error

  • Fixed an issue where Galen could equip Leadership Training

  • This issue is still occurring

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