Missing Turrets due to SSKP Enhancements / Smart Warheads

CM Major_Rampage
CM Major_Rampage
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We had a change to the game a while back where SSKP Enhancement and Smart Warheads (and potentially other specials) were no longer items that could stack.  We did not remove this combination from player's turrets when the change happened,  but you were no longer able to build or refit turrets into this configuration.

This combination being invalid caused some players to have items stripped from their turrets.

The intention of secure base was to fix people who had used unsavory means to gain an advantage.  It was not intended to punish players who were playing the game as intended. The team is working to get a list of everyone who has been effected by this and we will be crediting them build tokens.

I will have additional information about this in the morning.  Thank you for your patience. 
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