8.29 Hardware Acceleration

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Hardware Acceleration

This is the first step in our dedication to improving the performance of Battle Pirates.  By leveraging the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), we are able improve performance for some players.  This is our first release of this improvement, and we will be monitoring how this affects your experience.  We are continuing to more forward with additional performance improvements.

Ensure you meet the Hardware Acceleration Requirements:


How to turn on Hardware Acceleration:

Bring up your settings Menu

Then turn on Hardware Acceleration


There are two additional options. Normal Hardware Acceleration will cap your Frames Per Second (FPS) at 30,  but you can choose to increase that upper limit to 60 if you are on a computer that has enough power to do so.


You can also choose to show the FPS counter.

Will all users see performance gains with Hardware Acceleration?

Probably not. The boost you get depends very much on your graphics hardware. In particular, users with graphics cards which can support textures of size 4096 x 4096 will get much better gains than cards that support a maximum size of 2048 x 2048. The best thing is just to try it out and see if it works better for you on your machine.

Hardware Acceleration Auto Diagnostics

For the initial rollout, we are only allowing users with the best specs to switch Hardware Acceleration on. When they toggle the switch to activate Hardware Acceleration, the game performs 7 diagnostic tests. Furthermore, it will re-run these tests at game startup to check if the system config has changed (or the user has switched to a different machine). If any of the tests fail, Hardware Acceleration will be disabled, and if it has already been switched on the game will auto-switch back to software rendering.

Test 1. Hardware Acceleration Enabled For Platform

Test 2. Using Chrome or Firefox

Test 3. Running in "Direct" window mode

Test 4. Flash Player Version

  • Must be higher than 19. If possible, please upgrade Flash Player. Users can still use the legacy rendering system on Flash Player 11.5 or higher.

Test 5. Starling Initializes Correctly

Test 6. 4K Textures Available

Test 7. HW Acceleration Enabled

Hardware acceleration often actually needs to be user enabled on their machine.

  • Right-click on Flash Player in the base build view, choose "Settings" (not "Global Settings") and click the bottom left tab (monitor with a "Play" Icon in it) then tick "Enable Hardware Acceleration" - this worked for the latest Flash Player on Chrome, we will gather more instructions + troubleshooting.

  • Check the browser itself has hardware acceleration enabled. In Chrome you can type "chrome://gpu" to get a full rundown including Flash Hardware Acceleration status.

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