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Secure Base

The day that many people have been waiting for is upon us. Secure base has been released. This has currently prevented players from a variety of illegal activities they were using to make their bases more powerful. This includes bypassing timers, equipping multiple copies of the same special, as well equipping components they did not actually own.

In 8.25, which is set for the week of June 18th, we are going to be correcting all bases that are in an illegal state. Each structure that is in an invalid state (including but not limited to: being over power, equipping duplicates of the same item, equipping items they do not own) is going to have all components in that structure removed.

We are reviewing players who are found to have illegal bases,  and are banning players based on a strict set of guidelines.

In 8.26 we release Bounty Season 11. Thanks to Secure Base, all bases (both player and Replica bases) will be secure and fair for all players.

The Battle Pirates team is dedicated to maintaining a fair game where everyone is able to compete on even footing.  This ensures that Bounty Events are fair for everyone to compete in.

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