8.24 Update Notes

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It’s time for the June Event: Reinforcements!  This is the second event in the Assault Cycle. Use your Assault ships to defeat the Draconian Mega Convoys and earn awesome new weapons, specials, and the new Tier 7.5 Proto-Centurion, which is the ideal ship for collecting Base Parts in the Sub Sector Resource Bases.

State of the Game

  • Quality Improvements

  • Forsaken Mission

  • Player vs Player

  • Battles Pirates: HQ - Companion App

  • Full Info:  Here (<--- Click Link)

Secure Base

  • Preventing players from putting their bases into an illegal configuration

  • Will be fixing players bases which remain in an illegal state

  • Full Info:  Here (<--- Click Link)


June Event: Reinforcements

  • Runtime:  From June 14th at 9am to June 18 at 9am

  • Second event of the new Assault Cycle

  • Top Prizes:  Dark Wing CIC,  Cheetah Scattergun, Predator Missile, Reinforced Chromium Armor, Reinforced Reactive Armor, Proto-Centurion

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Leaderboard Competition

  • New competition for the June Event

  • Top 5 Global Top Points earners will win a prebuilt Caedes hull with open component slots for you to equip as you see fit.

    • All Participants win prizes

  • Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

  • Fixed an issue where users in World 1 were unable to engage in the Sub Sector Resource Base

  • Fixed an issue where users in World 1 were unable to link to a Hive Node

  • Fixed an issue where there was widespread lag across the game

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