so what if mobile gaming produces more of kixeyes profits?

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@Will_Harbin will the pc version continue to be on pc or do u plan to move to mobile completely?
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    but where did heisenberg go to mobile gaming??
    HEISENBERG has a couple high level mobile gaming accounts imao ;-)
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    War commander is my favorite game, my only game beside some Clash of clans log ons when im absolutly bored. Its a great game WC, i love it still despite all the bs hickups of the last few years. But ill drop some truth here: it aint **** compared to other games. And it might get a Backyard monsters treatment pretty soon... Let me explain.

    War commander has 96000 monthly users according to Facebook. Lets just take that number as the max users of the game. The Kixeye site now dropped below 30k, but that includes their other games. So lets make it a 100k even give or take. That aint ****! It defeats vega conflict, wich i think is also on mobile and sits at 59k according to Facebook. Wile the old Facebook version of Backyard monsters sits at a measely 21k. So they look strong right? Wrong! Almost forgot battle pirates wich sits at 61k...

    The number 1 Kixeye game is: War Commander Rogue assault. With a staggering 686k montly users its Kixeye,s main game. If you ask me its crap, but thats just my opinion. Kixeye has a different opinion though. Kixeye will go for mobile gaming. Will Harbin, the CEO of the game is clear in what he wants to do. Mobile gaming has all the revenue. You can see his point of view on the subject in this interview he did:

    And he is right, i dont blame him or Kixeye at all. Mobile gaming just makes a lot more money. And a CEO of a business... Well, he has to make money. And the mobile version of War Comander makes at least 7 times more then the pc version we all love to play. In the hayday of War Commander the game made 200 million profit, this was in 2012. And we where talking about a million users back then if i remember correctly. So you could say this company fell from grace, the most used game not even topping their 2012 all time high. They still do ok though. Lets take a rough estimate and say all users use 1 dollar a month in all Kixeye games. Lets just go for a million users, wich is about right.

    Thats 12 million a year, you can run a game for that kind of money. 12 million being a pretty low estimate. So lets say 20 million max revenue, right? Most of that comes from War commander Rogue assault, at least 70% roughly. The rest is divided between the other games. So what does War commander make? 3,4 or 5 million tops? If that at all. Who doesnt say WCRA doesnt make 90%? Or 80? My math might be off, im just using estimates here. For the sake of the argument lets take the highest number of 5 million. Correct me if my math is off, but it cant be that much more.

    Whats 5 million? Supercell, the creator of Clash of clans and Clash royale and other games made a 900 million profit last year. a 180 times more then War Commander. Now are those games better then War commander? In my opinion: NO! But my opinion doesnt matter at all. The opinion of a gaming company does matter. And that opinion is based on revenue. If you read the article you allready know what the CEO thinks right? And he is right, i would follow the same path if in his shoes.. Kixeye is a dwarf compared to Supercell. And im not even talking other giants of online games. Fortnite made 223 million in march alone. And to me its a stupid game. They have 40 million monthly users...

    All im saying is Kixeye is a dwarf in online gaming. They had a peak once and looked promising. And they got with the program trying with rogue assault. I guess they are doing ok now. But in the greater sceme of things.... They are a nobody. And in that nobody space your favorite game is number 2 by a mile or 7. Bottom line War commander aint ****! We can probably be happy that its the way it is. But dont be surprised if it goes the backyard monsters track. 

    If i was CEO i would milk it for what it got and then cut it off. I have a feeling Will Harbin will do just that. So they dont care basicly. They will put some effort in, depending on the revenue. But in the end they know that its gonna be cut off eventually. Just like backyard monsters. Does anyone even remember Tome arena?

    My main point being: you as a war commander player are in a niche game! When you drop to far... Well, then it will be shut off and put on FB, just like Backyard monsters. So i guess we can appreciate whatever they still do. But the days are numbered commanders ;-)
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    When WC finally dies.I have learned my lesson never to play another game produced by Kixeye,mobile or pc.
    What has happened to this once great game.
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