Tyrant and Bomb torp

Hella Wicked
Hella Wicked
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Why not get redeemer for tormentor only and keep the scourge on it so it can help with squads more efficiently I would like to see more combat where they both take damage instead of a ship constantly hitting and running

  • shyva prime
    shyva prime
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    sovereign make it impossible for a tyrant to hit and run now , so that not an issue for high end player anymore.

    though i agree , redeemer for tormentor only is a good idea and should have been done long ago .
  • Zero Calling Elite
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    This issue has been raised before.
    In a form of a poll, to be exact.
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  • Daniel Rose
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    @Willyster said:
    This issue has been raised before.
    In a form of a poll, to be exact.

    Yep, and my poll showed that the majority of players want the Tyrant situation changed. Kix agreed on this information in their usual fashion :P

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