Hyperspeed Sovereign

John the Savage
John the Savage
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Anyone who has tried a 100+ mothership today may have noticed the super fast Sovereign in the first wave, which dances around your fleet with its 8km range weapon.  Add this to the infinity armor drones and its not hard to see why players simply do not enjoy the heap of lame PVE content constantly thrown at us, and view it more like a chore that needs to be gotten out of the way.

Maybe the devs are bored, maybe they think it will amuse is, maybe they are just expressing stifled creativity, but seriously, stop with the nonsense NPC tech that breaks all the rules.  This is a long time issue with vega.. the recent (failed) attempt at campaigns, with the 20k range torpedo bombers and other assorted nonsense implies that the devs have forgotten the players stance on this matter, or are simply disrespectfully disregarding it. 

We spoke up years ago that we DO NOT WANT rule breaking npc targets.... if there is a limit on player ships regarding speed, range, weapons, etc then the entire game must abide by it.  If you want to present us with hyperspeed carriers, invincible drones, and 20k range plasma bombardment torpedoes, then that tech must become available to us as well.

Chill on the PvE absurdity, and let us get back to having a fun PvP game again.  kkthnxbai
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