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Reinforcements Leaderboard Event

For the June Event: Reinforcements, we are having a brand new contest where the top event point earners on the global leaderboard will be able to win the Caedes. Earn event points by hitting event targets during the Reinforcements Event. The event ends on June 18 and prizes will be awarded on June 19.

  • Prizes:

    • Ranks 1 - 5: Pre-Built Blank Caedes (x1)

    • Ranks 6-10: Full Blueprint for the Caedes

    • Ranks 11-50: 150 Caedes Shards

    • Ranks 51-200: 100 Caedes Shards

    • Ranks 201-1000: 50 Caedes Shards

    • Ranks 1001-2000: 25 Caedes Shards

    • Ranks 2001+: 5 Caedes Shards

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