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Hey Kixeye. is there a way to communicate with kixeye without going through the experts? 
talk in a more direct way?
I mean when i have sometimes feedback or idea`s its not needed in my eyes that first an expert reads it as it its ment for game team or the designers or the management , and thats besides as tickets are slowly handled right now and badly read by some support employees, guess they can`t help it as not all can be very specialized in just 1 game 
But i do think when i post sometimes to support thats it is violating my privacy when first 33 experts also are reading it, as it is not ment for them, like in the past; when i had to help friends, who had problems with their hacked accounts and their own knowledge of english or what route to take to get their back account was for them to difficult 

btw its 4 months ago i applied to the experts program, but aint it sad that i never got any answer... its still open case on my experts page..... that makes me think, who did you take... as i can`t say the answers are helping me much as most times my tickets are passed on to support, so the expert thing is only delaying the speed of solving/answering my issues 
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You thought Scrooge was bad? 
think again 
lvl 46 now (april 2018)... lets bet .. how many years to 47? 
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    Hi, Till now not able to get the "call on arms" prizes. Hence I click on that,screen shows Not completed the purchases becoz I have not enough money to complete that. My question is,why you are asking for money. That is the free gift from kixeye.
    Please resolve the issue

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