[CM_Burny Request] [NYX Warpaint Number 77] [Invasion Prize Request]

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Heres The Epic Concept Of These deadly Warpaints ever released making it extremely exclusive to any winner
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Here Is The Toughest Job to get that warpaint to be in top 77 [Any Other Placements on Leaderboard Will Not Grant This Prize]
  • nametagg0
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    what is the inspiration for listing it as top 77 ?

    the top left one looks really nice and i like the glass on top right
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    I'm not really the player who is most interested in War Paints for WC. But it doesn't hurt to have them as a prize like the event trophies for completing certain tasks.

    When it comes to the paint jobs, I prefer the first paint to the left due to the contrast between the green and grey and the easily distinguishable fading of the green color.

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