Spectral Shell III - When is it coming back?

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Zero Calling Elite
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CM_Lee did mention that he will raise this issue to the game team. Up till now, it's still not appearing in the Event Stores.

So, when exactly is it coming back?
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  • chloemiu
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    I think never. Put in a ticket but got stupid replies from experts that have been playing for 5 years!
  • wssssw
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    NEVER lmao.. why so many people didn't get it when released
  • SteelSteve
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    you lose :) Just like how it took over a season to get heavy eclipse to come back - the shell is lost forever :p 
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    kixeye realized it was good for farming and will now only release it in coin deals
    Oh yea it's also a Tier4 prize in Alliance war for 500,000 points per reusable item!
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    I am too unmotivated to bother posting a skeleton this time... 
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    you dont want to purchase it?!?  -kixeye

  • chloemiu
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    You can get 1 credit for 750k intel from doomsday nightmare.  Jokes on us.
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